Who Is SABA?

SABA is a group of people who are expert in the key areas where moving companies from Scotland to Houston need assistance. This group will give advice either on a one to one basis, or as a group. The service is completely free of charge to SABA clients


Why Does SABA Do It?

For all of us it’s a genuine wish to offer a Texas helping hand, and to give back for the opportunities Scotland and Texas have given us. This is particularly true for the founder member of the GlobalScot network who is also a SABA member. Of course most of our experts are in a related business and from time to time SABA clients become their clients, but this is never a condition of advice. Another thing the SABA members get is a expansion of their business network, and last but by no mean least many SABA client become long time friends.

Photo: Fergus Ewing MSP, Karen Bell British Consul General, Houston and Lisa Morton, SABA at the Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh

Fergus Ewing MSP, Karen Bell British Consul General, Houston and Lisa Morton, SABA at the Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh


What are people saying about SABA?

Carol Decker – Scottish Development International, ( retired ) says:

“The support and advice provided by SABA to the Scottish companies who have come to Houston via Scottish Development International has been a valuable resource and made growing business in a foreign environment so much easier. The working lunches with the Alliance gave insight to the companies in a comfortable and informative atmosphere.”

Bill Whibley – Aventa Systems, Inc. says:

“As a new entrant to the US market it’s always a daunting task to find the right kind of support service providers when you don’t know anyone. I met Lisa Morton of ABIP on a recent trip to Houston and I couldn’t have been made to feel more welcome. She organised a dinner in order for me to meet other service providers including an attorney, payroll specialist and banker. Within one day I had found almost all the support service providers that I required from a group of people that I know will be enjoyable to work with. They were open and honest about living and working in Houston and also offered advice on the most cost effective way of going about things. I’m now confident that I have the help at hand to help grow our US business.”

Peter Black – EnergySys says:

“SABA has been great in helping us set up and run our business in the US. Because they bring together all of the key business services that most people will require, it has given us the peace of mind that we have the right specialist on hand, whatever the requirement.”Type your paragraph here.

Raymond Gray – Mandos Software says:

Mandos Software was lucky enough to be introduced to SABA during our first visit to Houston in 2013. Since our initial meeting with them, they have gone out of their way to provide assistance and advice which goes far beyond what we could have had reason to expect. They were quick to understand our business model,and the way in which they made introductions, set up meetings and worked on our behalf made it feel as though they were part of our Mandos team. We could not have asked for more.Type your paragraph here.