What Does SABA Do?

Both from personal experience and that of our clients, SABA has knowledge of the pitfalls and problems a Scottish company has establishing in Houston. We have assembled a team of experts to help with these key topics:

  • A company law attorney to advise on the best type of legal entity for the client.
  • An immigration attorney to determine how to get UK personnel work permits
  • A Back Office expert to advise on bookkeeping and HR matters
  • A Payroll services expert to advise how payroll is done in the US
  • A Bank Officer to give advice on fund transfers and company and personal credit
  • An insurance expert for healthcare, liability, and other insurance matters
  • A GlobalScot who has moved his own company for Aberdeen to Houston

What kind of companies has SABA helped?

It’s a wide range of companies, but most are associated with the oil industry so far.

They include:

  • Project management software
  • Offshore reporting automation
  • Electrical distributers
  • Oil service companies
  • Valve distributor
  • Construction Company
  • Architectural Firm

How has SABA helped?

With the advice and connections to service providers that understand their problem and have experience solving them, SABA will typically save clients 3 to 6 months of start up time.

Typical areas are:

  • Setup of US entity
  • Insurance
  • Payroll
  • Accounting
  • Bookkeeping
  • Housing
  • Office space
  • Banking
  • Car lease / rental