How Does SABA Help?

Scottish companies, opening offices in the USA face a number of unexpected hurdles. From the different company legal entities, to the side of the road we drive on, things are subtly ( and sometimes not so subtly ) different. SABA experts can answer a lot of the initial questions, and give guidance to our clients on how to best proceed.


SABA Provides:

  • Services that are completely free and without commitment from our clients.
  • Meeting with all the expertise you need over a SABA lunch.
  • Knowledgeable experts in key disciplines
  • Introductions to people who have successfully made the journey from Aberdeen to Houston
  • Advisors who are vetted and approved by the SABA board
  • Contacts with Scottish Development International, locally, and in Scotland

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Who are your experts and how can they help?

An Immigration Attorney

  • For advice on immigration and visa issues

A Company Attorney

  • For advice on the appropriate type of legal entity for your company

A Banker

  • For advice on the transfer of funds
  • For guidance on the establishment of company and personal credit

A Real Estate Professional

  • For insight into the cost of office / warehouse space
  • To match areas to your for business type

A Payroll & HR Specialist

  • To show the easiest way to employ and pay US staff
  • To explain basic HR and labor laws

A Tax, Accounting and Bookkeeping Specialist

  • To explain accounting legal requirements
  • To explain Federal and State reporting
  • To give bookkeeping systems advice

An Insurance Professional

  • For advice on product liability
  • For advice on business insurance

A Consultant

  • To help make introductions
  • GlobalScot
  • To help show you the ropes