Helping Scottish Companies Establish in the USA since 2011

Helping Scottish Companies Establish in the USA since 2011

What Is SABA

The SABA network, based in Houston, provides practical setup assistance to expanding Scottish businesses. From companies seeking to establish a US office to companies acquiring a US business, SABA can help.

We help them get up and running as quickly as possible by identify their specific needs, and refering them to individuals and businesses that can assist them in meeting those needs.

How Does SABA work?

Initial introductions can be from Scottish Enterprise, SDI, our website, or word of mouth. We also regularly visit Scotland, and meet with new clients at events like OTC. SABA is a complimentary service to the UK government trade bodies, the original idea for SABA came from a SDI VP in Houston.

Your initial contact with SABA will be a call or email to Lisa Morton. SABA also offers a complimentary lunch or dinner with members of our team to offer a high level overview of our services and the clients needs. These are very informal and discussions range from a general outline of what the company wants to do, to answering a list of questions the guest has prepared in advance. The SABA hosts will raise any points they think could be stumbling points, and offer suggestions where appropriate.

Follow-up from the initial meeting is normally on a one to one basis with specific subject experts.

Who Are SABA Clients?

They are mainly Scottish companies but companies from all over the world have used SABA. They are companies who want practical help dealing with the American systems and procedures to allow them to concentrate on building their business in the US. The list of successful clients range from innovative software companies to electrical distributors. They are typically small to medium size and most are technology based.

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